Automated Control System

In order to improve the production process and maintenance of oil, "CSO" Sardar "uses the automated system of control of petroleum products in tank cars (ASKN).

Functions ASKN

- Receiving data to be monitored cialis for sale r/w tanks, processing and preparation tasks for portable devices; job entry control in a portable device;

- Operational level measurement, temperature and type of oil to the calculation and evaluation of mass, density, oil r/w tanks;

- Automatic transmission measurements portable device in ARM followed by the results;

- Receiving, processing, analysis and storage of petroleum products in the results of the control r/w tanks;

- Preparation of accounting records for the measurements;

- Preparation of the information about the origin of "emergency" situations on the results of monitoring in the oil r/w tanks ("low" level of oil product evaluation inconsistencies of the form (name oil);

- Transfer of the measured and calculated data in the head center of the company (for connection using an existing Internet connection).

Video surveillance

The video surveillance system for monitoring cargo in the park train station.

The Republic of Kazakhstan Pavlodar railway station Aksu-1.